Pastor Nathan Sundt - March 21, 2021

See Your Symptoms and Summon the Doctor

Sunday Mornings

Matthew 9:9-13 1. Everyday life is spiritual. Every moment contains momentous decisions. If we rejoice in Jesus’ calling because we felt extra prepared, then we assume that our preparation is partly what makes it spiritually possible. 2. Place shows grace. What is your place like today? 3. Christ’s kingdom is for those in bad work and relationships. It should be a shock to us and a “scandal” to the world that any of us would be saved. 1Cor. 1:23-25 When the place where Jesus finds us is as ugly as the tax booth of a turncoat, it highlights the grace by which he saves us. If you will be saved at all, you will be saved by grace. 4. Christ’s kingdom is for sinners who admit their symptoms. “I have the symptoms, I am a sinner.” vs. “What symptoms? What are you talking about?” 5. When we persist in sin, we ignore the Bible. Hosea 6:6; 1 Tim. 1:15 The sacrificial system is not for us to bring our own trophies to God but a way but to bring our own broken hearts to God. This great physician will use his surgical tools to remove the sin he already covered

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