God’s Righteousness, Our Salvation – A study through Romans


Pastor Nathan Sundt - June 16, 2024

Why Not Sin? More Good News

God’s Righteousness, Our Salvation

Romans 6:1-4 1. Grace always outgrows sin. -“Reasonable limitations” on (even wonderful) grace is the normal worldly-wise answer to the question, “Why Not Sin?” -Something has gone right, not wrong, if someone hears your description of grace and wonders why it does not permit or incentivize sin. 2. ‘Death and New Life’ is the key to the Christian life. Why Not Sin? What else could have been the response? Christians do not go on living in a state of sin. 3. Enjoy the gift of spiritual death. -What possible spiritual claims could the world, the flesh, or the devil hold over someone who has died with Christ? -If being baptized in water has its inconveniences and “indignities,” how much more being baptized into the death of Christ? Theological Overlook -Spiritual Baptism and Water Baptism -Baptism is a sign of actual death and resurrection 4. Where do you see “newness”? “newness of life” vs. “new life” Though oldness persists, we do not persist in “oldness.” Grace outgrows sin; grace outguns sin; grace outdoes sin.

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Join us as we prayerfully study Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, a letter that has strengthened the church and enriched believers throughout church history.

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