God’s Righteousness, Our Salvation – A study through Romans


Pastor Nathan Sundt - May 26, 2024

But, Wait, There’s More! How God Has Saved and Will Save Us

God’s Righteousness, Our Salvation

Romans 5:9-11 1. The down payment demonstrates the riches of ongoing salvation. a. Justification’s cost shows God’s continued willingness. b. Justification’s power shows ongoing and coming transformation. 2. Because the “case is closed” the future is assured. "Thus it is, that the freeer the gospel, the more sanctifying the gospel; and the more it is received as a doctrine of grace, the more will it be felt as a doctrine according to godliness. It is only when, as in the gospel, acceptance is bestowed as a present, without money and without price, that the security which man feels in God is placed beyond the reach of disturbance." ~ Thomas Chalmers A brief, theological overlook: blood saves from wrath. from the greater to the lesser & the lesser to the greater 3. You were saved by Christ’s death & will be saved by Christ’s life. Present & Future Shalom 4. Flee the wrath of God; run into the joy of Christ!

From Series: "God’s Righteousness, Our Salvation"

Join us as we prayerfully study Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, a letter that has strengthened the church and enriched believers throughout church history.

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