God’s Righteousness, Our Salvation – A study through Romans


Pastor Nathan Sundt - May 19, 2024

“I Wanna Know What Love Is, I Want You To Show Me”

Romans 5:6-8 1. God’s people always carry the love that found them at first. Rev. 2:4 Our helplessness prepared us to see God’s love. 2. Focus on God’s love through . . . a. Your helplessness -Nothing could be done by us for us. b. The world’s progress -God wanted for the world’s judgment in Christ to be meaningful. c. His love’s object -Your hostility enhances God’s mercy. 3. The love the human soul longs for is not found in mere human souls. It is impossible for us to be in sinful state and at peace with God. simul iustus et peccator Atheistic Hatred vs. Apathetic Hatred 4. God “collects and commends” his love to us. a. His love is of a such a size and complexity that it must be coordinated and interpreted for you to grasp it. b. His love, when brought together, is self-authenticating. Your soul was made for such a love as this.

From Series: "God’s Righteousness, Our Salvation"

Join us as we prayerfully study Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, a letter that has strengthened the church and enriched believers throughout church history.

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