God’s Righteousness, Our Salvation – A study through Romans


Pastor Nathan Sundt - May 12, 2024

Rejoicing in the Present through the Future - and Vice Versa

Romans 5:2-5 1. Access privileges through Christ. Do you gasp or yawn at the access you have? 2. Walk in grace by standing in it. As we grow in Grace, we don’t go anywhere else, but grace. How can I test if I am standing in grace? What are the vital signs? 3. Boast in hope. kauchometha/καυχώμεθα: elpis/ἐλπὶς: a. Sometimes the victory is surviving. b. Endure suffering in your faith; no doubt, God is making jewels of character. c. Passing life’s tests makes present threats smaller, future glories greater. 4. God’s love, like a priest pouring out an offering, has been given to us because we have the Holy Spirit. “God often uses the past you would never choose to bring about the future you would never change.” -Philip Bethancourt

From Series: "God’s Righteousness, Our Salvation"

Join us as we prayerfully study Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, a letter that has strengthened the church and enriched believers throughout church history.

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