God’s Righteousness, Our Salvation – A study through Romans


Pastor Nathan Sundt - April 28, 2024

Faith in the One Who Raises the Dead

God’s Righteousness, Our Salvation

Romans 4:17-25 Abraham’s faith believed God’s word. 1. On what do you base your faith? -Faith is as effective as its object. Our ultimate faith is in the person of Jesus Christ, the Word of God. John 1; Hebrews 1 Until Jesus returns, the word of God for the church is the scripture. 2a. Faith is expressed broadly as we believe God’s “big” promises— 2b. And narrowly as we believe God’s “small” promises. 3. Bring life‘s “small” answers into focus through the gospel. -Life’s bounties and blessings can all be better understood this way. 4. Surprising physical works of God highlight the spiritual wonders of God. 5. You are going to like the way God tells your story. 6. God’s outward works, reveal his inward character to deepen our faith. Because the resurrection vindicates Jesus, it justifies believers.

From Series: "God’s Righteousness, Our Salvation"

Join us as we prayerfully study Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, a letter that has strengthened the church and enriched believers throughout church history.

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